Jude writes memoir, personal growth books, fiction, and poetry. She lives in Dayton, Ohio with her delightful son and three lively dogs. Her interests include travel, French, cooking, crafts, and exercise, especially dance. She is well blessed with friends and an ever expanding writing tribe. She is delighted to be the newest Plot Sister and determined to keep up with these talented writers.

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~ The Unfolding Story, is included in The Magic of Memoir: Inspiration for the Writing Journey, edited by Linda Joy Myers and Brooke Warner and to be published by SheWrites Press (November 2016).

~"Five Wrong Ideas You May Have About Dating A Woman Who Was Betrayed"

The Good Men Project- online

~"Intersection" Mothers Always Write- Mar. 21, 2016

~Two Time First Place YS StorySlam sponsored by the Yellow Springs Art Council; a Moth-style Story Slam

Feb. 13, 2016 Theme "Love and Courtship: Gone Right, Gone Wrong. "

May 14, 2016 Theme "Life's Sudden Twist and Turns."

~Awarded a Bill Baker Scholarship (for a writer who is nominated by someone who can testify to his or her qualifications both as writer and community member) for the 2016 Antioch Writers' Workshop. Bill Baker was a co-founder of the Antioch Writers' Workshop, writer of textbooks, journalist, and fiction writer.

~Loose- a poem                                            

Indian Voice Journal- online- July 7, 2016

~"Five Crucial Things My Men's Group Taught Me" 

​The Good Men Project- online-August 27, 2016 

~My Eyes Are Green"- personal essay

Flights Literary Journal- Sept. 2016


Cindy Cremeans


Cindy is a life-long resident of Ohio. For 20 years she has been a public school social studies teacher. As a multi-sport Hall of Fame Inductee at her high school, Cindy continued her athletic endeavors at the NAIA collegiate level in basketball and softball. After graduating college she began her varsity basketball coaching career and while finishing her M.A. in education she decided to "retire" from coaching and reallocated her time. Today she focuses on fitness, travel, and her passion for writing. She counts her blessings that she found kindred spirits in her Plot Sisters and credits their accountability and encouragement for one of the reasons she continues to write.

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Traci Ison Schafer

Who are The Plot Sisters?


Traci Ison Schafer will be releasing her debut novel, The Anuan Legacy, in the fall of 2017.
Traci is actively involved in the writing communities in and around her current residence in Moore, OK. She’s a member of The Oklahoma Writers’ Federation and The Oklahoma City Writers. She also still stays in touch with the writing community in her home state of Ohio where she’s a founding member of the Dayton, Ohio, writing group, The Plot Sisters.

Traci is currently employed by the federal government as a contract specialist and holds a Master of Science Degree in Business, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Science Education, and has earned teaching certifications in several science fields including physics, astronomy, and earth science. Traci’s curiosity about anything beyond this physical world such as aliens, reincarnation, and psychic abilities make them among her favorite writing topics.

When not working on her writing or her government career, Traci enjoys spending time outdoors with her daughter and son-in-law (Destany and Larry Morgan), and her two fur baby dogs (Sophie and Ellie).

Traci's Website www.traciisonschafer.com 

​The Anuan Legacy

August 2016 -   SECOND PLACE
                          Category:  Fiction
                          Rose State College Writing Contest

                         Category:  Book
                         Oklahoma City Writers' Annual Writing Contest

May 2016 -      FIRST PLACE
                         Category:  New Adult Novel: Fiction or Nonfiction
                         Oklahoma Writers' Federation, Inc. Annual Writing Contest

We first met in a five week fiction-writing class; talked and laughed about putting a story on paper, and realized we shared the same dream . . .


Ruthann Kain



Christina Consolino

Jen lives in Dayton, Ohio, with her husband, two children and three dogs. She has degrees in Music Performance from Shenandoah University and Miami University. When not arranging prose, she tidies her thoughts in her blog, Organizing the Shelves in my Mind, but never, ever, the shelves in her house. 

Jude Walsh 

Jen Messaros


Ruthann has been a high school math intervention teacher at Kettering Fairmont High School, in Kettering, Ohio since 1998. Teaching teenagers the mathematical equivalent of “everything in the kitchen sink,” from basic arithmetic and financial math to Algebra 1 and 2 is a heart-stopping thrill ride. But her truest passion is writing fiction and meeting a couple of times a month with her fellow "writerly women" - The Plot Sisters!! She has spent the last few years working on a rural-gothic piece of contemporary fiction set in the fictional town of Danbree, Kentucky.  Her characters speak to her on a regular basis and would really like her to “hurry up and finish the book already.”

Ruthann has also spent the last thirty years dabbling in herbal remedies and tinctures, and nearly two years ago wandered down a path to support good health using essential oils. You can follow both of her passions, her writing adventures  and her toxin-free journey on either of her blogs "From the Keyboard Brain of Templeton Kain" or Essentially Raisin' KainZ

The first blog was started as an creative-writing outlet during her PhD residency program in 2008. It was at this point in her life that she discovered that she couldn’t turn off the “what if” scenarios in her brain, and found that writing from a clinical-observer perspective was just not within her skillset.  This tactical lack on her part is why she went on to become a PhD/rop-out. The creative writing circuit at Words Worth Writing Center beckoned, and she just couldn’t stay away! She has taken nearly every class offered at least once. The second blog is a place where you'll find helpful DIY essential oil triumphs and “lessons learned”, while teaching full-time, and reflecting on raising three kids into adulthood, all while trying to live a life free of toxins and chemicals. This blog is relatively new, and still very much a work in progress.

As the parents of three grown adult children, she and her husband “Bear” of 33 years live in Kettering, Ohio where they await the birth of their first grandchild by their daughter Molly and her husband Matt. Her son Pat and his wife Gibby recently moved to Los Angeles with their grand-cat Chi Chi. Her youngest son, Jay, is in college studying Electrical Engineering. 


Christina holds a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan and currently works part-time at Sinclair Community College, where she teaches Anatomy and Physiology. She is the co-author of HistoricPhotos of the University of Michigan and serves as Profiles co-editor for the online magazine, Literary Mama. A founding member of The Plot Sisters, Christina lives in Kettering, Ohio, with her husband, four children, and several pets, all of whom play a central role in her blog, Heptadecagon. Learn more about Chris and her writing by going to her website christinaconsolina.com .

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